Pass the hash

The first goal of a Windows pentest is to get a user or a shell as a user.
You CAN perform Pass-The-Hash attacks with NTLM hashes.
You CANNOT perform Pass-The-Hash attacks with Net-NTLM hashes.
You can pass the hash using a metasploit module called PSExec.
If you want test your newly found hash across multiple machine smb_login Metasploit module is how it's done. However, trying this with a domain hash will lock the account out of the domain, assuming they have a lockout policy.
Empire also has options for performing pass-the-hash in the credentials/mimikatz/pth module. https://www.powershellempire.com/?page_id=270


There is an insane tool named Ranger that can interact with Windows based systems in oh so many ways.
Ranger is a command-line driven attack and penetration testing tool, which as the ability to use an instantiated catapult server to deliver capabilities against Windows Systems. As long as a user has a set of credentials or a hash set (NTLM, LM, LM:NTLM) he or she can gain access to systems that are apart of the trust.